Offering custom concrete including:

Metalics, Stains, Stamps and Custom Decorative Finishes.

We can do a basic texture application or a detailed sculpture.

We thrive on doing things different and taking jobs other contractors walk away from, either because they don't have the skill to perform the application or the equipment to complete the task. Do you know what the secret is to a beautiful and long lasting decorative concrete project?

TWO words.... "Surface Preparation" !

80% of all decorative concrete projects are surface preparation. Speak with representatives of decorative, stains, sealers and coatings manufactures of the products used in our industry and they will tell you that 90%  of the failures they inspect in the field are due to improper surface preparation and/or application of the product for the project.

Check out our Commercial

We helped Sherwin-Williams do a commercial of sorts. Check it out.